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Hi, its possible to have a community copies?


I have been frustrated that Mothership has so much interesting content and I’m super into the sci-fi horror vibes, but I don’t care for the  game mechanics. So I am delighted that there is an lighter OSR game system in the reproductive rights bundle I bought! Thanks for creating this, I already like Into the Odd and this is everything I wanted from a sci-fi  variant. Even the worldbuilding provides a great foundation.

My only feedback is that you should create a printer friendly version of the rulebook. Each page is so well laid out that they would make great table aids. I want to print the rules reference on the back of character sheets, then do the same with the pages about Detachments and Ships for their character sheets. The book looks beautiful and the art perfectly sets the tone, but you wrote them so well I want to use the pages as handouts.


I can’t dedicate the time right now for a printer friendly version, but I can make a plain text version available. Would that help?


I really like the font you chose for the book, but a text only version is just fine. 

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I would love a plain text version. It would also be great accessibility for people with sensory issues. Great game ♡


Just wanted to say that, ever since the original crowdfunding, this has been one of my favorite systems for the genre! 

I was wondering if there has been any updates to fix a few of the typos present in the original release. Also, will the staple bound versions of the zine trio ever come back into print?


Thank you. I don’t have a list of many typos, but once I identify more I can correct the PDF.

GKG has a bunch of them in print yet, but I plan a second run at the end of the year, possibly with a new sequel trilogy!


A potential sequel series is awesome to hear! Always exciting to see your new projects.

I will check out the GKG store. Those hardcopies and probably the sturdiest physical zines I've ever seen - way nicer than the POD options. It's is good to know they're still available.