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The prompts in this game are great, and really serve to flesh out the theme! It was a very enjoyable foray into Wretched and Alone style games! 

Wondering if there will be anymore community copies?

my first solo game of this genre — loved the theme and writing prompts created quite a deep bd dark journey of loss where memories and madness clash in the dark. I actually survived and made it out right on the last card draw!   purchased from local game store in California (For future editions would love some random tables and art for idea generation or scene flavor if one gets stuck) Great work Diogo!

That's a great idea... I wanted to give a better graphic treatment of this in the future. I am preparing another Solo Journaling RPG with wayyy more tools and details. Let's see how that goes!

Happy you had fun with it!

I just picked this zine up at my local game store - I have The Wretched as well but hadn't tried it.  Really looking forward to dying alone in the mines!


My first and still favorite Wretched and Alone game that I've played. Some good art and very flavorful writing prompts. Thanks Diogo!

Hello Diogo,

Could you please detail this sentence?

 Set up your block tower as you would normally do for a game of that type.

It is my first game of that type, so I'm lost here. 


The idea is to set up the block tower like a tower in Jenga. Just set it up as you would set up a Block Tower.

Buy Traditional Garden Games Garden Tumbling Tower | Lawn ...

OK thanks. This is an unusual prerequisite. I don't have Jenga but I  have Kappla this will fit as well I guess. Just have to align on 54 blocks on 18 stairs.  I suggest you detail a bit more this part in the document.


I don't have one too, been using alternative methods listed here. Mainly this one

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Many thanks beorhol for the links, that's nice and credible alternative to Jenga.